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Primp & Preen

Mobile Grooming means we come to You!

  • Alleviate stress for your dogs and eliminate the demands on your time.
    Make waiting around in cages a thing of the past for your dogs.
  • If your dogs are old, prone to separation anxiety or susceptible to car-sickness, then we are the perfect solution.
  • Our Doggy Do's van is fully equipped with hot water, a spacious bathtub, warm dryers and a grooming table to make the entire grooming process slick and easy.
  • We use only professional grooming products and equipment for trimming/shaving and drying.
  • Our Crew have an inherent love of dogs which is evidenced on a daily basis in the way that dogs respond to them. We receive constant compliments and feedback from our clients about the patience, gentleness and 'magic touch' that our groomers have. They are well-practiced in handling all doggy personalities, ranging from 'sweet and compliant' to 'decidedly dodgy' but with their special way they've won the hearts of countless dogs – and some prickly owners.

Mini Groom

From Slob to Heart Throb
and quite adequate for short-haired dogs


  • A light brush-out
  • Warm water shampoo and thorough rinse. When necessary we use conditioner
  • Towel dry
  • Blow dry and thorough brush out of your now very-clean dog
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail clipping
  • A spritz of doggy scent

Full Groom

Now We're Styling

As above PLUS:

  • Clipping or scissoring for a closer cut or shaving in summer.
  • Clipping and scissoring to a breed standard style or any style you would like
  • Trimming of hair on feet and paw pads.
  • Sanitary shave or trim – around your dog's tail area, belly and inner thighs. This keeps genitals clean and prevents the unpleasantness of what may get stuck during your dog's ablutions.

Valet Options

  • Conditioner – for that extra softening and shine
  • Teeth brushing with doggy toothpaste
  • Clearing of anal glands
  • Flea & tick dip
  • Nail trimming only
  • De-matting – our groomers will do their best to free your dog of matts but we will not proceed if this is hurting your dog or causing him discomfort. Most times we recommend that the area is shaved and left to grow again. Regular grooming is essential to avoid matting.

All We Need From You

  • Access to a plug point
  • Access to a garden tap - to feed our geyser
  • One towel per dog – – this is to prevent any spread of fleas or skin conditions between dogs and homes
  • Sorted

Okay, So What's the Bottom Line?

  • Call Doggy Do's on 079 126-9808 or pop us an e-mail telling us what dogs you have and note any special requests regarding grooming or care - such as if your dog is nervous, has arthritis or any injuries, skin conditions or psychopathic tendencies. (Likewise if any of these apply to you).
  • Pricing varies according to the size and breed of the dog as well as the length of the coat. Rather than confuse you with a super-complicated sheet of prices, we'll quote for your particular dogs.
  • But wait, there's more 🙂... If you have more than one dog groomed an automatic and substantial discount applies to all.
  • Whether you live near or far, our prices remain standard for the grooming of your doggies.